I’ve worked in a variety of marketing and communications roles and have also dabbled in PR, lobbying and research over a career that’s now lasted over 20 years.

I’ve been fortunate to work in both in-house marketing departments as well as the “other side” ie an agency and for a wide range of audiences including business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), academic and not-for-profit/charity.

With these roles came a range of demands which means I have built up a broad set of marketing skills as well as a mean set of ‘to do’ lists. My marketing skills include:

  • Internal and external marketing and communications
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Campaign planning, production and execution
  • Electronic marketing including website and social media management
  • Copy writing, editing and proof reading for print and web
  • Mailing list and CRM management
  • Print production experience
  • Event organisation and marketing
  • Budget management
  • Client, customer and other stakeholder liaison
  • Public relations

If you’re interested in the specifics, my full CV is summed up on my LinkedIn profile.

I am based in Worthing, West Sussex although I can work with organisations wherever they are based, depending on the type of work involved.