Marketing strategy

A marketing strategy – however simple or in-depth – is fundamental to the success of your business. A number of factors, including your customers (both current and potential), your competitors and the market place (both in general and within your own organisation), will influence how you run your business but also what your marketing activity should look like.

Together we can audit your organisation to understand your objectives and what marketing should be in place to achieve them.

An audit can include a number of areas such as a SWOT analysis, evaluating the competitive landscape ie who else are you up against?, as well as a PESTLE analysis ie what outside factors might influence your organisation?

Of course, it is also important to look at what marketing your business already does (whether it is recognised as such or not) and what resources – if any – it has to undertake marketing.

McCunn Marketing has managed marketing strategies for different types of businesses with varying budgets and objectives. We are confident our experience can help you with your business or organisation, and help you reach your aims. Whether we conclude that you need a plan to take away and execute yourself, you want all activity delivered by me, or a combination, anything is possible. We specialise in helping and working with those with smaller budgets.