Digital marketing

Digital marketing is forever changing but a few concepts have been around for a while and are likely to stay. The basis for all your online marketing should be a solid website that meets your business or organisational objectives. Once this is in place, you can explore the other opportunities available like social media, advertising and email newsletters.


Whether you’ve already got a website you need updating, you want to start again completely or you haven’t anything to begin with, I can help you.

Email newsletters

A good email newsletter leads your customers or members to take a positive action whether that be to request a brochure, buy an item or book onto an event. Of course, you do need people to send your newsletter to and building a quality database, with clearly identified audiences, is key. There are various ways to do this and I can help you to create a list of prospects and send them information they want to receive.


According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, content marketing is the “creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”. We can identify what resources you can produce that will be of value to those you are trying to attract.

Social media

Many of you will have multiple personal social media accounts and you may have one or more for your business too, so you are probably familiar with a good number of them. However, are your business accounts working for you as you would like? Are they generating interaction with your customers? Are they helping to increase your customer base? Neither of these may be instantaneous but with some effort and time tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn can result in sales or sign ups. I will help you identify who you want to interact with, what your objectives are and how to achieve them. I can fully manage your social media or give you a plan or guidance to manage them yourself.

Online advertising

Online advertising can take a number of forms from the ubiquitous Google ads to banner advertising. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms all now offer advertising opportunities. Campaigns can be undertaken even with a small budget, if targeting is carefully and cleverly done. Of course, on your own website and in your emails you also want to ensure you have made the most of every opportunity to advertise your products or events. We can identify ways to make your online advertising work the best for you.