Promotional and corporate literature

I have overseen the creation of a huge variety of promotional and corporate literature and have included just a few examples here. Printed literature, despite the arrival of the internet, still has a place in marketing and can be produced for a relatively small cost depending on your specification.

Catalogues, brochures and leaflets

At Scout Shops we produced six catalogues a year, for distribution with orders, at local Scout Shops and at events. This involved photo shoots, copy writing and liaising with other parts of the business as well as designers and printers. These were A5 and ranged from 24pp upwards. You can take a look at the Outdoor Equipment one below.
Cover of Scout Shops Outdoor catalogue 2014

Scout Shops Outdoor Equipment catalogue

We also made the most of the seasonal promotions, for example this Christmas brochure aimed at two different audiences. One front cover was aimed at adult Scouts and when the brochure was flipped around the other cover, aimed at young people in Scouts, was visible.

Scout Shops Christmas catalogue

 Scout Shops Christmas brochure

At the British Parking Association we produced a newsletter for the Park Mark Safer Parking Scheme which we managed on behalf of the police. This was a compilation of stories from our remote workers, as well as articles written by other members of staff and me. This newsletter was used as a recruitment and retention tool by head office as well as the regional managers.

BPA PMU cover shot

Park Mark Update newsletter


Flyers are a great way to promote a service, product or event where you have an identified channel of distribution, whether that is a mailing, a targeted hand out or as an insert in a particular publication. They can be cheap to produce and very effective in getting an immediate message across, and you can include a form for orders or a competition thereby encouraging sales or the collection of useful data. In the past, I have produced flyers to promote events as well as new products (including books and clothing).

To make the most of the distribution channels available to me, each order dispatched from the Scout Shops warehouse had a relevant flyer (or two) included. This was also a useful bartering tool when setting up collaborative partnerships; others could use this way to distribute their materials too. This flyer featured two new t-shirt designs on one side of an A5 flyer, and pocket money toys for Beavers and Cubs on the other,

Scout Shops Mini Figs t-shirts flyer

Scout Shops Minifigs flyer

In order to give our wholesale customers a tool with which to remind customers of their existence, we produced a series of helpful badge placement flyers for each of the different age groups in Scouts. These were double sided to increase cost effectiveness and printed on a relatively lightweight paper to save printing and mailing costs.

Scout Shops Beavers badge placement flyer

Scout Shops badge placement flyer

Events can often be well promoted through a flyer that can be distributed at similar events or mailed out with other information. This event flyer was produced for an annual dinner at a smart venue in London. It was designed with the aim of using it for several years with just the colour and event details being updated, thereby creating a recognisable design and limiting time spent and budget.

Members Dinner flyer shot

BPA Members’ Dinner flyer

Annual reports and corporate literature

Many organisations are required to publish accounts and/or an annual report. Often an annual report is seen as a dry set of numbers and basic facts but it can be used as a useful tool for raising awareness of your business and promoting the good work that you have done in the previous year or have planned for the future. While at the BPA we changed the format of the annual report to do just this. It was useful to demonstrate to members what work had been undertaken on their behalf and to potential partners and other stakeholders how we might work together. Again, to save money and to build recognition, the same design was used for several years running with a colour change to differentiate each year.

BPA Annual Report cover shot

BPA Annual Report

We also produced a Healthcare Parking Charter, designed for hospitals and their parking providers to adhere to a code of good practice. This, again, was used to promote the Charter itself to those involved in hospital parking but also to demonstrate the improvements taking place in the sector to people including politicians, activists and media.

healthcare parking charter cover

BPA Healthcare Parking Charter

While working for Prism Group, I worked on a rebrand project for the Berkshire Young Musician Trust (the organisation which provided music tuition to school-age children in the county) which then became Berkshire Maestros.   To explain the changes to the different people involved (for example, parents and teachers) a series of A4 leaflets were produced with the new branding. These were distributed in advance of the launch as well as at a special music-based event.

Maestros brochure cover shot

Berkshire Maestros launch brochure for staff


If you have sales outlets or other locations that you are able to display posters, they can be an eye-catching way to promote your business. These poster boards (so poster sized images on a heavy weight cardboard) were produced for display at Scout Shops across the UK, at events and in Scout outdoor centres.

Scout Shops poster boards example

Scout Shops display boards

Bellybands and inserts for magazines

Magazines are an effective way of reaching a specific audience and there are a number of different options available including the traditional insert. A bellyband is a ring of paper that encircles a magazine, potentially marking a particular page in the magazine where your editorial or advert might feature. They can be cheap (as they are a relatively small piece of paper) but striking way of ensuring a reader notices your business or organisation and its message.