Promotional and corporate literature

Printed literature, despite the arrival of the internet, still has a place in marketing and can be produced for a relatively small cost depending on your specification.

Catalogues, brochures and leaflets


Flyers are a great way to promote a service, product or event where you have an identified channel of distribution, whether that is a mailing, a targeted hand out or as an insert in a particular publication. They can be cheap to produce and very effective in getting an immediate message across, and you can include a form for orders or a competition thereby encouraging sales or the collection of useful data.


Annual reports and corporate literature

Many organisations are required to publish accounts and/or an annual report. Often an annual report is seen as a dry set of numbers and basic facts but it can be used as a useful tool for raising awareness of your business and promoting the good work that you have done in the previous year or have planned for the future.




If you have sales outlets or other locations that you are able to display posters, they can be an eye-catching way to promote your business.


Bellybands and inserts for magazines

Magazines are an effective way of reaching a specific audience and there are a number of different options available including the traditional insert. A bellyband is a ring of paper that encircles a magazine, potentially marking a particular page in the magazine where your editorial or advert might feature. They can be cheap (as they are a relatively small piece of paper) but striking way of ensuring a reader notices your business or organisation and its message.