Public relations

Does your business have something worth telling others about? There are plenty of opportunities to get your message out in a way that reaches many others and costs relatively little. PR is not always easy but the rewards can be great. In a world where media dominates, new stories are constantly being sought and this gives you and your business a chance to populate some of that space and build a positive reputation.

Having a great reputation is paramount to whether your business succeeds or not. There are any number of people – customers, suppliers, employees, media, politicians – that can influence your business and you need to ensure that their experience of your products or services is consistently positive. Effective PR will help you to secure a solid reputation with each and all of your stakeholders.

I managed PR for the British Parking Association which was often challenging, given the subject matter. I dealt regularly with journalists, radio presenters, editors, politicians and representatives of other organisations, with the aim of putting out an accurate and positive image of the parking profession. That we managed to forge relationships and build partnerships despite this often controversial topic is something I am proud of. I have been interviewed live on BBC Radio, drafted statements for the national press, written articles for magazines, prepared colleagues for interview on prime time television and created press releases for general distribution.

Hopefully your business or organisation already has a strong reputation. Together we can build on this and share the good news even further.

Here are a few examples of my PR work: